Welcome to the Realm of the Elderlings!

The world is wide and vast. So much has been lost in the Great Cataclysm, but that all seems a distant worry. Stories from “before” seem outlandish and impossible and the daily struggle to make your way in the world is so much more important.

The Great Empire of Jamaillia covers huge stretches of coastland and influences trade as far as known lands are found.

The Six Duchies lies in the much colder regions of the Northeast.

To the west are the Rain Wilds, and their enigmatic and magical goods flow down the great Rain Wilds River aboard the hulls of the Liveships.

Welcome to a land of trading and intrigue, slavery and piracy, magic and sea serpents. And then there are the stories of the long forgotten past and the artifacts of a world that once was. Fortunes are to be gained and adventure is a certainty.

Gather your things for we set sail with the tide!

The bones of the Elderlings

Elderlings Dameek