The bones of the Elderlings

What everyone knows

The empire that you live in is called Jamaillia. It spans a very large portion of coastal area and as far as you know the capital city, Jamaillia City, is the farthest south that you have heard of anyone sailing to. To the north is the kingdom of Chalced, a once enemy of Jamaillia, but is now uneasy allies. The Chalcedeans practice slavery and the practice is becoming more in fashion in Jamaillia. Beyond Chalced to the north is The Six Duchies. They are considered barbarians for their strange customs and livestyles of living where winter brings snow and wearing furs and riding on horses.

The emperor’s title is Satrap and his position is often referred to as ‘The Satrapy.’ The current Satrap is named Cosgo and is generally considered to not care about your situation and old agreements that were the foundation of the town you live in.

You live in the town of Bingtown. It it run by a traders council and the only traders allowed to participate are land owners of properties that have long been owned by specific families. The Satrap has been awarding plots of land to new traders from Jamaillia City and the area at the expense of the Old Traders and their claims.


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